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Perhaps you may be wondering how transcription and business growth are connected. Well, there is a lot for businesses to gain from online transcription. Any serious business by now whether they are just starting out or they have been in the market for sometime has developed an online presence. This is what makes businesses visible beyond borders. Having an online presence means accessing a wider base with information, services, or products.

With the advent of internet and YouTube, businesses are now upgrading their communication with their clients more effectively. For customer retention, communication ids everything, it means consistently keeping in touch with them and making them feel more like partners of the business rather than mere customers. Over time, there has been a remarkable growth in the need for online data and information with videos and audios at the top.

However, there is a disconnect when it comes to SEO and distribution of video and audio content. Every business, or at least most of them desire to build a strong online presence or otherwise increase their visibility and this is what defines business growth.

Coming to transcription, transcribing services are the bridge between distribution of video and audio and search engine optimization for any business. Text formats of your podcasts, webinars, interviews, seminars, or interactions with relevant keywords help improve your page ranking on search engines.

Your business has an opportunity to grow immensely given the following benefits that transcribing services have to offer.

Reposting Content

Reposting content means taking excerpts from your main content and using them elsewhere in a way that will benefit your audience. For instance, information from transcribed interviews, board meetings, presentation of study results, or video can be important in creating daily podcasts and their transcribed versions or newsletters for distribution.

Accessing a wider base of audience

Transcribing services helps you reach audiences that have hearing impairments or those that are not fond of audios. In other words, you are not limited to the people you can reach with information. Again, it will help you during strategy because you will focus more on all and reduce your bias towards certain clients.

Improving customer experience on your site and with relevant content

Customers appreciate a good experience when accessing information and more often than not, this is what keeps them coming back to your site. If they will have an easy time searching your business in search engines, navigating their search in your site, accessing other information from your site, you will have succeeded in engaging them fully. This and constantly producing relevant content is the true meaning of online presence. Both your videos and audio files need to be searchable and this happens by transcribing them to text.

Staff productivity

Delegation is usually a challenge to some business owners. They tend to stuff their staff to perform supportive services like transcription, data entry, logo design, online marketing, rather than letting them concentrate on their job description. What they do not realize is that they are not really cutting costs but compromising their staff productivity. It is more cost effective to outsource transcribing services to professionals if productivity matters to you. Productivity yields business growth.


There is no better way to leverage than to form strategies based on your customers’ opinions and needs. This is a sure way for catapulted growth because you will be giving them just what they need and attracting more business opportunities in the process. Transcribing helps you get as much information to your audience in different formats and consistently and as well get their feedback on what you offer. This is a great way of customizing your product to suit their immediate needs.


At, we care about the growth of your business. We offer you quality and affordable transcription services to ease you off the hassle of having to do it yourself and for guaranteed results.

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