Dictation Transcription

Dictation is a process of speaking or dictating for the purpose of converting it into text form and this is where the Dictation Transcription service comes into play. There are many methods for recording a dictation in almost all the industries. In most of the cases transcription service involves the dictation of the matter over through the phone to the professional transcriptionist who may be located elsewhere.

In almost all the transcription works, the recordings are done with the help of using equipments like PDAs or any hand held recorders. Once the dictation process is over, the content file which could be in any audio format is uploaded to a specific location from where the Dictation Transcription Company can download them and start off with their work. Once the dictation and recording work is over then the client can be free of worry as these highly accurate and reliable work assignment will be delivered to them upon at the agreed time.

It is almost like having a secretary or an assistant as these works would be delivered back in a short time and at a rate of less than one third of maintaining a real one. The transcription work can be done anywhere globally and could be delivered using the internet. There are many companies around the world which uses advanced technology and specializes in such Dictation Transcription and these companies take great care of these files by encrypting them so as to maintain the security of the files.

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