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Transcription Services has come a long way. Today it is central to everyday life and business. If it were not for transcription services, you would probably have access to only half as much the information that you access from the internet today. Let’s face it, everyone needs transcription at some point in their lives and others cannot do without it. The internet itself is text oriented that is why you might have to convert any audio or video to text to reach your audience. Information in text format can be easily searched and indexed using search engines, and this makes transcription an integral part of our lives.

With awareness and popularity comes misconceptions and this is expected. Transcription has grown into a broad field that has many different aspects to it. Transcription can be specialized for instance academic, legal, or medical transcription or it can be general. It can be virtual or online or those with transcribers working on-site. Transcription services can be offered by an individual or a registered company. it can be accompanied by other additional services like translation and copy typing.

Today we will try to demystify some of the myths that cloud transcription.

Myth 1#   Audio Transcription Services is merely listening and typing

Transcription skills go way beyond mere keyboard skills. You need an in-depth knowledge of English grammar, an ability to make out different accents, an ability to listen through surrounding noises and destruction, good researching skills to be able to check out unfamiliar places, names, or technical jargon,  and also presentation skills, in other words how you organize your written piece.

Myth 2# Transcription doesn’t have to be professional, it an easy DIY

Those who say this do not realize one thing. That it takes 4 to 6 hours for a professional to transcribe one hour of audio. How much more time will a non-professional take? Probably a whole day, leave alone their lacking knowledge of the principles and professional standards of transcribing. In truth, even transcribing your own audio or video is a difficult task without transcription skills.

It cost you less resources (time and money) to employ transcription services and get quality and accuracy in return. Let professional transcribers do what they know how to do best.

Myth 3# Voice recognition technology is as good as human transcribers

Leaving transcription services work to voice recognition technology is like killing the very skill that we are trying so hard to nurture. Voice recognition software only records the words it captures. This software cannot transcribe incorrect pronunciation, heavy accent, or homophones accurately. It takes humans to do this. See, transcription is not just about converting audio or video to text, it is more of creating meaningful text that can be understood for the sake of conveying information.

In addition, no software has the ability to go an extra mile of researching on correct spelling, places, or even technical jargon.

Myth 4#   Anyone can transcribe

First things first, if you cannot settle down to concentration and are not keen to details, this is not the job for you. Secondly, you need quality training to become a good transcriber. Thirdly, training without practice doesn’t count in transcription.

Transcription is not an every man’s job! Transcription can be tough to your ears and to your brain too. It takes meticulous attention to detail, disciplined time management, and hours of concentration to end up with quality and accurate transcribed piece.

Myth 5# You need to be a fast typist to transcribe well

As we have already mentioned, transcription is not just about keyboard skills, there is more to it. A fast typist may not have a keen listening ability, keen attention to detail or good grammar and this makes them poor in transcribing.


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