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Zoom current offers video conferencing facility worldwide. CabbageTree Solutions provides captions & transcripts for Zoom video conference recordings at a very reasonable rate and very high quality transcripts. You simply need to send us the zoom audio or video meetings and we will transcribe Your Zoom Meetings. Zoom meeting transcriptions is needed so you can refer to the notes at a later date and you focus on the call and not have to take notes during the video conference. Our manually done zoom meeting transcription is still far more accurate than the machine transcribed video & audio files. The audio transcripts for Zoom meetings are sent on a priority so you can start your work on your projects. If you need captions to be added to your zoom meeting videos, we can also do that and send the video back to you after the captions have been added. We offer one of the highest accuracy and lowest rates in the industry for transcribing your Zoom meetings. For Your Zoom Transcription we ensure highest levels of confidentiality and as soon as the project is completed, all the files are deleted from our system. CabbageTree Solutions transcribes your Zoom meetings along with their top quality transcribers. Feel free to write back for a free sample of transcript of your Zoom meeting recording transcription

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