Conference Call Transcription

The workings of small businesses and corporate houses need to be documented from time to time so as to keep the activities of the company transparent and this is where the Conference Call Transcription comes in action. With the advancement in communication technology it is found that more and more corporations are having their conferences through phones and virtual means and these conferences need to be recorded.

Teleconferences have become a practical way of communication for managers. It becomes convenient for the employees, managers and other staffs from different branch offices at different locations to keep a track of the company activities without having to pay for the travel expenses. Some of the companies even use voice recorder for this purpose. Conference calls are generally set up with the help of internal teleconferencing software through the company’s internal communication network or they are outsourced to outside companies that provide Conference Call Transcription services. They keep a track on all the incoming and outgoing calls. All these conferences are then recorded so that these audio files could be used later on to create transcriptions

Most of the companies prefer to have them transcribed with the aim of preparing notes or minutes of the discussions held. These then are forwarded to be included in the company bulletins and newsletters. In the present scenario many of the companies outsource such work to companies that provide Conference Call Transcription services. The main advantage of outsourcing these works is that these services cost 30 to 60 percent less as compared to doing it locally on their own.


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