All the services offered by the CabbageTree Solutions (referred to as the “Company” or “we” or “us” throughout this document),through the website “”and the transactions including the business, individual, or entity resulting out of the services consumed by the clientsare governed by the Terms and Conditions as below:

Service Delivery

The company makes every attempt to deliver all the agreed services to the client according to the mutually agreed conditions, strictly as per the specific instructions received from the client and abiding by the legal enforcements prevailing as on date.

‘In Time’~ Every Time: The company guarantees the delivery of their services on or before the agreed time.All the content will be delivered as per the agreed format (Text or PDF).

Secure Delivery: Upon request, the final content can be delivered with secure access feature enabled.

Mode of Delivery: The available modes of delivery for the client to opt include email, post, courier, express delivery by post. The mode of delivery must be specified clearly in the agreement.

All content delivered in any mode other than digital format (via email) shall be charged as per the dispatch charges and payable by the client.


The company assumes that the client will take every responsibility to makepayment immediately for the services consumedas per the agreed price at the time of confirmation.

  • The invoice issued by the company shallbe promptly honored by the client and payable within 7 days of confirmation of delivery of total and final content.
  • Payments are accepted in the following modes: 1) Card (Credit and Debit), 2) Bank transfer and 3) PayPal. Theclient is liable to dulyfulfill all the bank fees and remittance charges for the payments.
  • The company may request for advance payment, subject to conditions.


The company trusts its clients and expect that they honor the invoices and make payments in time. But, in case the payment is not coming forth, due to any circumstances:

  • All legal costs involved for recovery shall be collected from the client, based on an indemnity
  • If the payment from the account is recovered with the help of a collection agency, all the costs related to the process of collection shall be included for payment along with the outstanding amount and recovered fromthe client.


The company assures that the client’s confidential information will never be disclosed to anyone outside the client’s project group. The company hereby confirms that all the employees (both permanent and contract employees)working on the client’s confidential information shall abide by the confidentiality policy and protect all the sensitive client information from being misused.


  • The company respects the client’s need and takes up the responsibility to deliver accurate and quality content as per the agreed terms. In the event of any mistakes clearly indicating the fault with the company’s employee, the company undertakes to rectify them and give a clean document within a day at no extra cost. All the change requests placed by the client which are not within the agreed terms are treated as fresh requests and are charged.
  • The company does not bear any liability for consequences resulting from the service provided, after the client team has confirmed the said content.

Change Requests

Files sent for transcription can be replaced on the client’s request only if they are sent within an hour and subject to the conditions that:

  • The file that was previously sent was a completely wrong file
  • The audio quality of thefile/(s) sent earlier was not good.

The replacement of files for the above conditions is free of charge and the client is eligible to send the correct file or better quality audio files within the next one hour of confirmation. Else, it shall be considered as cancellation of the assignment.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is a rare situation and it may be allowed when it is confirmed that the file was wrongly sent for transcription or before starting of designing of website / logos or writing of articles.


No refund are issued for designing projects. The decision for any request for refund will be solely on management’s discretion


This agreementshall become effective from the date and time the assignment from the client is accepted and confirmed by the company. Either the client or the company may withdraw from these terms and conditions only within 1 day by informing through proper correspondence in this regard.

On initiation of withdrawal by either party, all services received by the client till then shall immediately become payable under the prior agreed payment terms without any further delay and all the payment terms will become applicable.

Multiple Clients

CabbageTree Solutions is an independent entity offering content services and shall not be treated as an employee of the client and hence, not bound by the client. Both the parties hereby agree to the following points consistent with the independent service provider status:

  • The company has every right to offer services to others during the execution of the client’s project.
  • The company is the sole authority which can monitor and manage the process project till completion.
  • The company has right to appoint independent contractors (individuals or firms) or use available staff to deliver the services as promised.

Data Integrity undertaking

The client shall undertake to agree that they have the right to use and share the data for the project in the capacity of an owner for such data or as an entity authorized by the lawful owner of the data, and agree to relieve the company of any claim that may arise in future due to the use of such data.


CabbageTree Solutions solely reserves the right to update this documentas required from time to time and has no obligation to notify such changes the client. The changes to this document shall effect the client only if he avails the company’s services on or after the date of amendment of the terms.

All projects undertaken shall be governed by the local laws and both the parties are bound to abide by legal enforcement in either country. These terms and conditions mentioned shall remain in full force and continue to be binding and enforceable. For any questions about the Terms & Conditions, please contact us.

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