Focus group Transcription

Focus group Transcription is a unique service aimed at Property professionals, University students, market research professionals and medical professionals. Various issues are discussed within the group and recorded professionally. All the transcripts shall be identifiable as their names or initials are marked in the left side of the margin. The cost of the service also varies based on the type of different criterions of service that the clients are looking for. Samples of transcripts are available in the home page, which will give a clear idea about the service.

A variety of Focus group Transcription services are available as part of the service offered by the company.  The services include Group discussion, Market research and surveys, Meetings, Sessions of strategic planning, Roundtable discussions, Drug advisory board meetings and sessions on strategic planning. Clients are advised to purchase recording devises which are designed to cater to the purpose and meet with the challenges of situation. The equipment recommendations are provided by the company’s team experts based on their long experiences, research and dependability. Since the transcripts are very important in nature, the company won’t recommend the recording devices which are of low quality.

When recording with Focus group Transcription where multiple parties are involved, the clients are advised to use quiet and calm area to avoid any kind of external sound interferences.  As a practice to get clear recording, participants are asked to switch off their cell phones. Also as part of etiquette, participants are asked to introduce themselves, before they start to talk.   All participants will be provided with microphones for trouble free transcriptions with clarity.

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