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A very wise business leader once said, “By marketing one can attract customers but to retain them you have to offer quality.” It is indeed very true as it is of no use in spending millions for your company when your product is hollow. It is very easy to make people believe something that are not true about your company. But this will work just once and over a period of time your company will be exposed.

Amongst all the transcription companies present worldwide, CabbageTree is one name which has continuously managed to earn not just prestigious projects but more importantly client’s trust and faith. A bulk of our clients’ has been associated with our company for years together and it is their believe that we continuously endeavour to give you nothing but the best. Several transcription companies have come and gone but very few have managed to survive and more importantly flourish. CabbageTree is one such company which has registered a positive growth with each passing year and our services goes beyond the boundary of a nation.

We are amongst the select few transcription companies which caters to all your needs. All transcription work is done at CabbageTree in-house transcription facility. The facility comprises of best transcriptionists who have experience of transcribing thousands of hours of files of all types. Some of the transcription services offered by us are:

1)      Transcription work of all medical files

2)      Transcription work of all legal files

3)      Transcription work of all academic files

4)      Transcription work of all media files

5)      Transcription work  of Interviews

6)      Transcription work in varied languages such as French

The list above is non-exhaustive and it even includes plethora of other transcription services. Amongst all the present transcription companies, CabbageTree has earned itself a reputation of being the only company which delivers highly accurate work on time. The completion of any work on due date is very necessary as a lot is dependent on them, if the work is not delivered by due date then the remaining things are left in the lurk. CabbageTree in its entire history has never delayed nor have we ever given incorrect submission.

There are several traits which sets us apart from other transcription companies, some of them are as follows:

  • We are the only transcription company which has undertaken transcription work for MNCs as well as for reputed institutions.
  • Our team of transcriptionists are based out of major cities of the world and regardless of what language the file is in, we have complete solution for you.
  • Our accuracy rate in any transcription work is over 99.5%, this accuracy rate has made us the industry leader.
  • Every work we undertake is passed through several layers of checks. Such stringent measures are adopted to give you highest quality of work.

So, regardless of your needs and requirements, feel free to contact us and our team member will help you throughout the transcription process. We stand for quality and always deliver that.

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