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We often face that situation to write down notes in a class or to note down information given by your boss or to memorize a speech given by your favorite actor etc.  Noting down the information continuously and that too in a short time period will be irritating.


Let’s think about it for a minute, how it feels if something – may be a machine or a software help us to transcribe audio to text. Wouldn’t that be great!  Yes, there are many transcribing services available in the market which will save our time in converting audio to text! These transcription services are very user friendly and easy to use. You just have to press the record button while speech/audio file is running and it will start transcribing mp3 to text automatically!!


NOTE: While starting the software, any professional transcription company will ask your permission to switch on the microphone and allow it as the software can’t hear without a microphone.


These have varied applications in many services like:


So, how these transcription companies work? I have tried to explain this in less technical way as I can. The conversion of audio to text is a complex algorithm. Here, the software needs to understand the speech giving by an individual and relate the words to the nearest pronouncing words.


Some people may be poor in talking and some might speak fast and some slower, Professional Transcription services need to consider every aspect before transcribing audio to text and we at CabbageTree Solutions are professionals and & experienced in doing it.


These Transcription Companies work just like our human body, at first we hear something, then it is sent to the brain to encode and then our brain sends message to the corresponding element to act!


Transcribing audio to text involves mainly three steps:


  • Initiation,
  • Elongation,
  • Termination


In initiation, a region will be provided for a set of instructions which will act like a on/off switch, once these instructions are activated then audio transcription takes place. These instructions will then bind to another set of instructions and starts decoding or transcribing.


In Elongation, the audio file will be expanded to a certain heights to check with the database and matched words will be transcribed.  Same process will be repeated to the every strand of the promote instructions memory.


In termination, we don’t want Transcription services to work even after an audio file is finished. So, we place a flag instruction which will tell the software that the file has ended and it needs to be stopped.  The flag instruction works as an on/off button if the information in audio file strands is null then the program will be stopped.


From the discovery of fire sparks from rubbing stones to the creation of automatic thinking machines, we have proved that humans are ingenious species in all areas. Transcribing audio to text is one among such inventions by human kind.  To get your audios transcribed into text, please do feel free to contact us at CabbageTree Solutions


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