Things to Prepare In Transcribing Texts in Foreign Languages

Transcription is a kind of jobs or activities that are often considered difficult by many people. Moreover, it is if the text to transcript uses a foreign language. Sure, there must be an ability to understand the language so that the transcription process can be done more smoothly. For this problem, it is reasonable if many people tend to hire a transcription service; audio transcription services in India are the examples. However, it is actually not bad if you try to transcript the text by yourself. In fact, some professions indeed need this ability including journalists and interpreters. So, what are to prepare to transcript the audio text to the written one?


First, you must make sure that the recording or audio is clear. In the beginning you record the spoken texts, it is better to set the players into a high quality. It will ease you in transcribing it later. Often, some transcription services like audio transcription services Singapore require the clients to do so. The clearness is in line with the accuracy, it is something that should not be questioned anymore. Second, make sure you understand the language well. You must also be familiar with the dialect used by the speakers.


Third, you must also understand the context. There must be the topic or theme of the spoken text to transcribe. Make sure that you know the field of knowledge well to minimize mistakes. Fourth, you should conduct the transcription process in a quiet room while using headsets. It is helpful a lot since the noise outside is not only disturbing your hearing but also concentration. Lastly, it is better to have an independent recording device, not being a part of the Smartphone or other communication devices. Well, the notifications or rings are also often really disturbing. Moreover, it is to record texts in some languages with rich sounds like Chinese transcription.

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