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Transcription enables us to convert any spoken words in a video into text. This is called Video Transcription. It is one of the best ways to create captions where you can enter at the same time in your video clip. Video transcription has a main role in the various industries especially in the filmography.


It is used to convert into text where it is used as subtitles in the convenient language. Video transcription is quite a tedious task as the person who is transcribing has to clearly watch and listen to the video many times and note it down for every spoken word. Using video transcription, we can add time codes that will help for search engine optimization and we can know the time of when each word is spoken in the video clip.


One of the most prominent importance of video transcription is to enhance search results for search engine like Google, yahoo etc;. When you upload your video online, search engines does not know about your video except its title because Google cant watch video. Transcribing the video into text will improve the flexibility of searching for your video. The text will provide the brief explanation on your video details and the next time, when a person search using the phrase present in your video transcribed file, you video will be visible at ease.


This has brought a great relief for the internet users. Now, it is easy to search and get the relevant searched information easy and quickly.  Rather, its benefits can be used for marketing purposes. In research interviews, video transcription would be a great beneficiary. The text would help for preparing research papers and filing important documents etc;. People who are deaf or have problem of hearing face a big issue and can’t watch videos. Video transcription has narrowed the inconvenience and with the help of video transcription technology, people with hearing disability can grasp the video by using video transcription at looking at the captions called “subtitles” of the video. Other benefits of video transcription are the place where there is sound sensing environment like crowded streets or in a noisy train.


It is difficult to comprehend video, then the transcription of video would help in better viewing experience. Mostly, video transcription has put the language barrier aside. Thanks to the video transcription technology, through which we can watch videos of other foreign languages and can understand it. It has broadened the international viewers and improved search engine in the foreign language as well. Now a day, lots of technologies and service firm have come that provide an easy and efficient way of video transcription, which could transcript various formats of video file into text. The cost may vary from industry to industry based on the way they charge but the service is affordable. Cabbage tree solutions offer the best video transcription service by ensuring the high level of accuracy. For more details please visit

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