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Your Opinion about the Best Transcription Service?

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Trying to answer this question may mean answering each person individually yet this is not realistically possible. The term best can be described as relative or very individualistic. What looks good to one person may be quite ugly to another because people differ in tastes and preference. Does this then…

Make the Best Out of your Interviews with Interview Transcription

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Ever had those interview sessions where you had to frantically scribble notes while at the same time trying so hard to pay attention to your interviewee? You bet you didn’t get everything you intended to from the interview. It is quite easy for crucial points to pass you as you…

Using Transcribing Services to Grow Business.

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Perhaps you may be wondering how transcription and business growth are connected. Well, there is a lot for businesses to gain from online transcription. Any serious business by now whether they are just starting out or they have been in the market for sometime has developed an online presence. This…

Legal Transcriptionist, the Way to go for Busy Legal Professionals

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If there is a profession associated with large volumes of documents, it is the legal profession. Here is where data, and accurate data at that, matters most due to the sensitive nature of this profession. Legal firms, prosecutors, attorneys, legal departments and just about any registered firm will need legal…

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