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Online transcription services, searching through the maze for the credible

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The online world is another world altogether. Typically, many online service providers claim to be what they are not. If there is place where scam is very common, it’s online. Because of the virtual nature of online services and transactions, you never really know who you are dealing with. This…

Podcast Transcription is a Twofold Gain

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Podcasts have a short history. The first ever podcast was heard of during the late nineteenth century. Up until 2004, podcasting also known as audioblogging was not very popular. It was in the late 2004 that podcasting hit the limelight. A Google search in October 2004 yielded barely 6000 results…

Cheap Transcription Services

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Finding the balance between price and quality. The mention of cheap for any product or service is like sweet music to the ears. It is just as alluring as freebies are. You get the best, perhaps not, but for a lower price. While cheap services are all over, it may…

Transcription Services, Myths Demystified

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Transcription has come a long way. Today it is central to everyday life and business. If it were not for transcription services, you would probably have access to only half as much the information that you access from the internet today. Let’s face it, everyone needs transcription at some point…

Interview Transcription, Appreciating what was and Connecting with the Current

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The demand for interview transcription is fast rising as eyes open to its actual value. But transcription has its past. Today we take a trip down transcription memory lane just to appreciate not only the transcription services that we have but also the transcribers behind such expertise. Here are ten…

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