Secure your future with highly economical & safe Term Life Insurance Plan Life Insurance is a form of financial security that every individual must compulsorily possess in the present era. Rarely does one come across an apt Insurance plan with suitable term coverage that fits appropriately into his/her budget. Moreover, opting for customized plans invite […]

Transcription Service: From Scribes to the Recent Transcription Service

Transcription has been there for ages. It started with a way to preserve the thoughts on the walls of the caves. Then came the time when scribes were employed for transcription services. Their work was to record the happenings of the court. Starting from there, transcription has come a long way from when it started. […]

Transcription: A way to store your words for a long time

What is Transcription? Transcription is a way to convert the audio or video of any event into written word. This can be done for any kind of audio, video, or live event. A recorded lecture, a movie, a song, an interview—anything can be recorded. But a right transcribing service is not sufficient for this alone. […]

Transcription Companies

A very wise business leader once said, “By marketing one can attract customers but to retain them you have to offer quality.” It is indeed very true as it is of no use in spending millions for your company when your product is hollow. It is very easy to make people believe something that are […]

All About Legal Transcription Services

Legal Transcription is quite similar to Medical Transcription where audio files get translated and typed out. However, these Legal Transcription services assume special significance when cases are critically important in legal courts. In such cases, even one word spelt wrongly or a sentence typed differently can have significant consequence on the court proceedings.

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