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The world is gradually changing, and each day, there is a new market for businesses to tap in. For your firm to remain afloat, you will have to reach every consumer that you can imagine. This means the ones you perceive to require the services or product.

This is where the transcription services come in. It converts audio or video into a text document. This helps the business and even organizations to attain their goals. The transcription can be used to educate the masses or make an increase in the profit margin through improving sale.

We are confident that this is a kind of service you will require for your organization. It may be now or in the future, only time will tell. Here are some of the things that you should be aware of before seeking video and interview transcription services.

Video transcription services

For some reason, the people today prefer watching videos. This can be because of saving time or the person’s interests. Then this begs the question of how many videos are uploaded on the internet? Well, the answer to this is countless.

It would be impossible to keep track of the numbers, considering the websites available. Therefore your organization or business should transcribe their videos to stand out. This enables them to reach different consumers and delivering the information required.

The transcribed content also includes the hearing- impaired persons in the society. Regardless of the organization you are in, this is the next generation of transcription services. Therefore it is better to start early.

Reasons for video transcription services

Businesses and different organization used video as a way to pass their messages to the masses. This acted as a marketing strategy which so profit margins increasing. Even in the medical fields, this seems to be the way to teach new residents.

This was the most preferred way that organization used to market their products or services. Things have now changed and people are moving to video transcription services. Here are the reasons why the movement is perfect for you.

  • Video transcription increases the time people spend on your webpage

Expanding the consumer’s experience is the key to making them stay longer on your webpage. This is done through video transcription. Most of the individual who come to your site prefer to have all their needs met. None of them likes to move from one page to the other looking for that one particular content.

For example, if your website is full of videos, and the user prefers to read instead of watching. They will quickly move to the next site. To be safe in the digital space offer more by transcribing your videos.

This gives you an up hand, and they will stay longer and even read through the rest of the content.  Plus it is a grantee that they will come back for more.

  • Increases SEO traffic

For you to remain relevant and have a future in the online market, you need to transcribe your videos. When a consumer is searching for content, most of them look for the transcribed versions before getting to the videos. This is because getting the transcribed videos is much easier as compared to loading the videos. It takes long and even uses more of their data, which people are economical about.

One thing you should know is 71.33% of the browsers don’t go beyond the first page of the Google result. Therefore to stand out, your content has to be transcribed. It ensures that your blog is read by a majority an even remain on top of the search engines.

  • Ease of translation to other languages

The world is made up of different cultures and languages. This means that your content has to be in those languages for them to comprehend. Video transcription enables the material to be translated into other languages with ease.

Therefore, you won’t be tied down to one market but will be able to sell your products or services globally. Having a more extensive market share is also a guarantee of increased profits.

  • Preparing for the future of video marketing

Video marketing is what most organizations are going for. This has seen more videos being uploaded every day. This translates to millions of them on the net, which is a good thing. But before uploading your content, ask yourself this question. How many people are using the voice search software?

With the advancement in technology, most people are moving to voice search software. Therefore you will need to transcribe your videos to remain relevant and stand out from the crowd. The video transcription gives the consumer an easier time to search for your content without typing.

  • Ease of access by the disabled in the society

Did you know that 466 million people have a hearing problem? Let’s say that your content was focused on the video part. This is the number of people whom you are locking out from the site, and it affects your profits too.

Those who have a hearing- impaired have a better platform to engage with your content and read through it. Failure to having the video transcribed you will lose about 71% of this market share. Therefore, we advise that you seek out transcription agencies and have your content customized to fit this population.

  • Get better product value

Are you using the videos on sites as a product to generate revenue? Then it is high time you think of transcription services. You can transcribe the video and make it the main product. This will attract consumers to your site since you offer more. Plus you can make extra cash from it hence increasing the product value and sales.

  • Transcription has multiple uses

As much as marketing is essential, we must admit that it’s expensive always to make videos. To help your organization or firm cut on cost, we recommend that you seek video transcription services. It won’t only cut on price but can also be used in other platforms in the social media.

For example, if the content you have created is about a product, and it’s on YouTube. The translation can also be spread across all other media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and even emails. Therefore increases the market share at a lower cost compared to the video.

Types of video transcription services

The media transcription services you seek will depend on the kind of content you want for the audience. There are three kinds of video transcription services that you can choose from.

  • Full verbatim video transcription

It is the most expensive transcription services. This is because it involves the emotions, the half-sentences, laughter, and even the background noises. Each of these parameters has to be included in the text format. The transcription agency has to pay more attention to the video and ensure it is just like the video.

  • Standard video transcription

This is also known as the edited transcription. This form of service involves the removal of filler words uh, oh, repeated words, emotions, and the background noises. It is time consuming as the transcriber has to understand the content.

This enables them to pick out what is essential or not from the video.  Therefore when it is omitted from the text, the article won’t lose its meaning. This should be done by a professional transcriber and not translation software.

  • Smart video transcription

It is also referred to as intellectual transcription. This particular service is slightly different from the edited one. The transcribed video has to exclude all the emotions, half-sentences, background noise from the text.

This ensures that what is read by the audience is a straightforward content and has no stories involved.  The particular task will require a professional transcriber to pull this off. This is not a cheap transcription service, hence you will have to dig deeper into your pockets.

Interview transcription services

The transcription service involves the documentation of an interview that is happening between two or more people. This can either be done in real time or from recorded audio or video. Most of the people who use such services include business, law courts, journalist, and researches.

Reasons for interview transcription

  • It is ideal for referencing. This is mostly used by journalist and students, especially when working in between interviews. This enables them to come up with readable content about a topic from the recordings.
  • The transcription service also saves time. This because it takes 5 hours to transcribe a 1-hour interview on your own. Therefore you will need a transcription agency to do it. This only takes a small fraction of their time and you will have the desired content in time.
  • It ensures the accuracy of the information given. This is mostly applicable in the law courts. The evidence presented in courts, which is through witness statements, is to be documented. This helps the court in analyzing the documents and passing the right judgment.
  • It allows for easier circulation. Most of the companies today are opting for this kind of transcription. For example, the details of the meeting are documented and passed to the staff. This makes it easy to circulate on other Media as well.

What we suggest is when seeking for a transcription service company, ensure you use the best. This will make the content perfect and can be read and understood by any person.

  • Accessibility: There are also hearing impaired persons whom you would not want to leave out. They can read the content that you provide, and they also feel part of the masses in the online world. This guarantees you perfect service delivery and also an increase in sales.


Types of interview transcription services

Interview transcription also uses the same functions as video transcribing. What we usually recommend is that you select a service which meets the need of your target market. The services you can subscribe to from an interview transcription company include.

  • Verbatim transcription
  • Intelligent verbatim transcription
  • Edited transcription

Things to consider when subscribing to transcription services

  • Cost

This an essential aspect of that you have to consider. There are many professionals and even companies in the market offering these services. Therefore getting affordable transcription services should be your key objective. This ensures that you don’t strain your finances.

  • Turnaround time

The time that you will receive the work form the transcription agency is equally important. There are those agencies that will take 24 hours, while others will take 3 days to deliver the same work. This is something that the company or transcriptionist should inform you about. Plus they are to meet the deadline set without any excuses.

  • Quality

It is a vital feature that you have to look into. This is what determines the accuracy of the work. A much as there is technological advancement giving you multiple transcription software to use. But manual transcription beats them. This is what guarantees the quality you are in search of. Therefore, we advocate that use seeking professional transcriber when it comes to video or interview transcription.

  • Confidentiality

The security of a project is essential, more so if a business is involved. The transcription services should be between you and the company. That means if the information is given to a different part, you are free to sue the company for damages.

For example, if you are running a transcription for a video or interview that is to be used for marketing. This information has to remain confident and other companies dealing with the same product shouldn’t have it. Therefore be careful about the kind of agencies or professionals that you are subscribing to.

Final word

Transcription services are a new form of marketing and relaying information. Most of the people see it as a way of saving time by obtaining the content in a short time. On the other hand the firms find it to be cost effective. Therefore, we urge you to tap into this new market share. Plus having these services will make your product stand out from the crowd. This guarantees you or your company profits and a more extensive market share in the digital platform.





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