Best German Transcription Service & German Translation Service

Cabbage tree solutions provide German Transcription Services nationwide and abroad for your German audios & videos.   We can transcribe German audios in German or in English as per your requirements.

We can also translate German text files, images etc to English or vice versa.

German is one of the popular foreign languages today and both businesses and individuals are looking for transcription services in this language for various purposes. May it be for the expansion of business or academic purposes demand for German Transcription Services has seen an increase in demand in the past few years. We are reputed for transcribing German recordings, documents, speeches, lectures and videos into English text and vice versa.


Cabbage Tree Solutions employ native German transcriptionists that are highly proficient with the linguistic skills to deliver high accuracy work.

Our German transcription services team has been highly experienced in dealing with various types of German transcriptions and focus on delivering transcriptions with high accuracy.

We train our team of transcriptionists on a regular basis to update them on the latest in the industry.

We provide both transcription and post-transcription services which include disseminating minutes of the meeting editing and proofreading German documents such as reports, emails, and letters.

We German Transcription & German Translation Service includes

  • German to German Transcription Service
  • German to English Transcription Service
  • English to German Transcription Service
  • German to English Translation Service
  • English to German Transcription Services

The German transcribers & translateros are native of Germany & thus they have complete grasp on the language.  They are University educated with English as primary language and thus are able to transcriber & translate German audios, videos, documents etc flawlessly.

We have expertise in dealing with academic transcriptions, conference call transcriptions and interview transcriptions. Whether it is an individual or a large size organization we can handle all type of assignments.

Our transcription services are fast, reliable and professional. We specialize in delivering transcriptions quickly while maintaining high accuracy. We respect deadlines and deliver high-quality work with great accuracy. If you are looking for German Transcription services that are professional and reliable then Cabbage Tree solutions offers the best and reliable services at affordable prices.

For more details on Standard German phonology visit Wikipedia

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