Out- Of- the- Box Business Ideas 2012

One of the biggest scourges to affect mankind is none other than Cancer and that too in a severe way. The number of those unfortunately afflicted with cancer continues to grow every year and it doesn’t seem like the situation is going to reverse. It’s true that cancer therapy constantly works in the favor of cancer patients but the effect of such treatment for survivors is dramatic. Some of the commonly observed consequences include poor health and esthetical problems. A business plan can be based on the above lines that render effective solutions for the above mentioned post therapy cancer effects.

Think Different

Take for instance ‘Skinchanted’ in Peekskill, USA. It is a spa which is owned and run by an oncology certified aesthetician. Even though these cancer fighting therapies such as chemotherapy, medications and ionizing radiation are life saving, they do have a harsh effect on the skin. Some of the skin changes are redness, swelling and itchiness. You too can open up a special spa that offers an array of spa treatments for cancer survivors. But to make any business work, it’s crucial for you to gain command over the services you wish to offer.

For this particular business venture, you’d need information and training in the massage techniques as well as the products for both, the patients undergoing cancer therapies or those who have been successfully treated for cancer. Kerry Kourie’s spa salon is a fine example of how a unique business niche can be established in a traditional market. This particular business holds great potential for all, including you.

If food seems to be where your interest lies, well work on it! You’d think the food industry is already blooming, so why step into it? That’s because the following idea is not based on the usual lines. It is focused on the lot that faces many food choice difficulties owing to allergies, both identified and unidentified ones. You can certainly set up your non allergic restaurant! For that, you do have to work on the following- Study all the recommendations made by the medical professionals and then create a food menu.

This special menu should consist of food options minus the major allergens (there are 11 of them) such as eggs, peanuts, hazelnuts, lactose, mustard, shellfish etc. That’s not all. To make this business more authentic to the targeted customers, you must also incorporate all the details regarding the components included and excluded. This will allow the customers to decide which dish suits their eating style more. Starting this business would ensure double profit as regular customers plus those with food allergies will visit your food joint.

Another business you can set your eyes on is the one that hovers over kids! Be it an event planning for kids’ birthday parties that involves decoration, games, food service or a special photo session, you are definitely in for profit!

Any of the above business set up plans will work, regardless of the state of the economy. If you are in for a new venture, opt for these.

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