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5 Great Reasons to Become a Medical Transcriptionist

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There are many reasons why someone would want to become a Medical Transcriptionist. It is an absolutely critical element of quality health care, as every time a patient is seen by his or her physician notes on that visit are placed in the patient’s medical records. Accurate transcription of the…


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 A to Z Fashion Alert The year 2012 has the same seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter but double the number of fashion trends! In any season of the ongoing year, you will find many individuals wrapped in elegant fabrics and a vast color palette that ranges from vivid…

All About Legal Transcription Services

In Category: Audio Transcription

Legal Transcription is quite similar to Medical Transcription where audio files get translated and typed out. However, these Legal Transcription services assume special significance when cases are critically important in legal courts. In such cases, even one word spelt wrongly or a sentence typed differently can have significant consequence on…

Transcription Companies

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A very wise business leader once said, “By marketing one can attract customers but to retain them you have to offer quality.” It is indeed very true as it is of no use in spending millions for your company when your product is hollow. It is very easy to make…

Transcription: A way to store your words for a long time

In Category: Audio Transcription

What is Transcription? Transcription is a way to convert the audio or video of any event into written word. This can be done for any kind of audio, video, or live event. A recorded lecture, a movie, a song, an interview—anything can be recorded. But a right transcribing service is…

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