Business meetings and discussions through zoom, webinars, Vimeo, and other platforms have become a norm. Due to its efficiency and comfort, more and more individuals and top-level executives are adopting these methods. However, it’s also necessary to keep a record of everything for future use. It’s not possible to check the huge amount of recorded video and audio data. So, every firm searches for some professional service provider for zoom video and audio transcriptions.

Hence, Cabbage Tree Solution has taken a great leap to solve your issues and make your meetings, discussions, and different dealings useful. We are the transcription service provider in Melbourne and Brisbane that offers global transcription services to a variety of clients, including coaches, trainers, public speakers, media companies, lawyers, doctors, hospitals, college professors, students, and other transcription companies. With a team of expert audio and video transcribers, Cabbage Tree Solutions prides itself on providing precision, quality, and cost-efficient services.

We are one of the leading zoom video and audio transcript service providers. We strive to serve our clients with 100% precision and deliver the finest results. Our experts are available 24/7 for a free quote. Contact us now and allow us to provide you with an outstanding transcription service in Melbourne and Brisbane.


Quick delivery of text transcription

 One of the hallmarks of Cabbage Tree Solutions’ audio transcription services is its commitment to quick delivery. The company works within its clients’ timeframe, ensuring that projects are completed on time, without compromising quality. Whether it’s a rush project or not, Cabbage Tree Solutions in Melbourne and Brisbane lays out all possible scenarios and comes up with a common agreement with its partners.

Clients can send zoom, video, or audio files in various formats, including mp3, mp4, mov, wma, flv, aiff, YouTube videos, streaming audios and videos, webinars, and others. Cabbage Tree Solutions can convert these formats into mp3 and other applicable audio and video formats, ensuring that clients get the services they need.


Transcriptions in several languages

We understand that language should not be a barrier to communication. That’s why we provide audio transcription services in several languages, including French, Spanish, and German. Our team of native speakers ensures that we provide accurate transcriptions that reflect the tone and nuances of the original audio. Our commitment to quality extends to our multilingual services.

We offer a transparent pricing scheme in Melbourne and Brisbane, where we charge per hour of recording or per 65-character lines for our transcription services. Unlike other transcription services that bill by time spent, we practice transparency in our pricing. We also offer multiple payment options such as PayPal, Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, etc.

Thus, Cabbage Tree Solutions provides accurate and timely audio transcription services for clients across the globe. Our commitment to precision, quality, and cost-efficiency has made us a popular choice among our partners. Whether you need a Zoom transcript or transcriptions in different languages, we have got you covered. Partner with us for your transcription service needs, and we guarantee an unmatchable service that you won’t find with other transcription companies.

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