How to Select the Right Transcription Company

Need for Video Transcription As the technology advance and the size of the audience grow, the Video Transcription Services have become more necessary. This transcription service is especially helpful in multi speaker setting. In such cases, transcription helps in identifying the speakers well. The transcription also serves as a big help to the people who are not confident with the language of the video. Another advantage of the transcription service is that the transcription can easily be translated to other languages. This provides wider audience base for the video. Things […]

Transcription: A way to store your words for a long time

What is Transcription? Transcription is a way to convert the audio or video of any event into written word. This can be done for any kind of audio, video, or live event. A recorded lecture, a movie, a song, an interview—anything can be recorded. But a right transcribing service is not sufficient for this alone. How to get the right transcription Good Quality: The first step in getting something transcribed is to get the good quality of input. If it is an audio file, it should be made sure that […]

Rising Need for Chinese Transcription

China as the upcoming superpower China is one of the leading economies in the world. That is the reason why more companies are trying to woo the Chinese customers. These days there is a need for both Chinese transcription and Chinese translation. China is not only become one of the major markets, but is also a major supplier of all kind of products. Translation into Chinese and from Chinese is needed to enter the market. Chinese Transcription Company and Their Requirements Experts: Chinese is a difficult language. Not many people […]

Transcription Service: From Scribes to the Recent Transcription Service

Transcription has been there for ages. It started with a way to preserve the thoughts on the walls of the caves. Then came the time when scribes were employed for transcription services. Their work was to record the happenings of the court. Starting from there, transcription has come a long way from when it started. Today transcription service can be used for any kind of services. Following are the list of the services offered by the Transcription companies. Different type of Transcription Services Academic Transcription: This involves conversion of lectures, […]

Select the Best Transcription Companies

Transcription is a necessity in this web based world for both record and analysis purpose. There are numerous transcription companies which offer their services for this, but not all the companies are equally good. It is important to select the best option for this so that the data transcribed is correct and faithful to the original audio or video. Features of the Leading Transcribing Company Panel of Experts: Good transcription companies have a panel of experts to take care of all kind of transcription. They have medical and legal experts […]

Transcription Companies

A very wise business leader once said, “By marketing one can attract customers but to retain them you have to offer quality.” It is indeed very true as it is of no use in spending millions for your company when your product is hollow. It is very easy to make people believe something that are not true about your company. But this will work just once and over a period of time your company will be exposed. Amongst all the transcription companies present worldwide, CabbageTree is one name which has […]

Video Transcription at most reasonable price

The modern world requires work at fast pace and the global outsourcing industry is at the forefront of this development. Amongst the plethora of work scope there is one such area which has developed rapidly in past few years and its future is extremely bright too. Transcription work has been into existence for long but its demand has soared to new heights in present times and this demand in rise is not just from movie industry but also from academic areas. Amongst all the transcription work Video Transcription is one […]

Transcription Service For MP3/MP4 files

A long time back a survey was conducted. The survey asked a few individuals, “What will you do if you do not understand the contents of a MP3/MP4 file?” The result was a little shocking; a lot of them said that they will use Google to understand the content. The big question is whether Google will be able to help you understand a lecture which was held just today. The answer is “NO”; Google will definitely help you in understanding a few terms but not the entire thing. A lot […]

Transcribing Services To Take Care Of All Your Needs

Worried about increasing difficulty in understanding audio and video files? Do you understand better when you read than when you hear? Is obtaining notes if college lecture becoming a nightmare for you? If your answer to above question is “Yes” then we are here to get you rid of all the problems. Our transcribing services will take care of all your needs. It is a proven fact that reading a text or a lecture notes is more effective than hearing it. When you are reading then you are understanding the […]

MP3 Transcription are not everyone’s cup of tea

Imagine a person who is new to a particular language and he/she is faced with a situation where an audio clip or MP3 file is played for him of that language. In such a case the person new to the language will find it very difficult to understand the contents of the file. In such scenarios the life saviour is MP3 Transcription. It eliminates all scope of misunderstandings that might creep up while listening to the audio and it even helps in better clarification. MP3 Transcription are not just for […]