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Secure your future with highly economical & safe Term Life Insurance Plan Life Insurance is a form of financial security that every individual must compulsorily possess in the present era. Rarely does one come across an apt Insurance plan with suitable term coverage that fits appropriately into his/her budget. Moreover, opting for customized plans invite heavy premium payments which is not affordable by many. Term Life Insurance Plan was introduced specifically to tackle this particular dilemma faced by those belonging to the average-income group. This plan offers economically viable solutions [...]


Beauty tips for preventing hair-loss Constant hair-loss can potentially lead to receding hairlines and even partial baldness which can subsequently hamper your self-confidence & appearance. There are many factors that jointly contribute towards excessive hair-fall like unhealthy eating habits, stress, medical  side-effects to a certain drug, sign of ageing, hormonal imbalance, reaction to harsh chemicals etc. Although it is natural to lose a certain amount of hair on a daily basis, one must always undertake preventive measures to reduce its impact in the long run. Here are a few essential [...]


 A to Z Fashion Alert The year 2012 has the same seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter but double the number of fashion trends! In any season of the ongoing year, you will find many individuals wrapped in elegant fabrics and a vast color palette that ranges from vivid to soft, pastels etc. Let’s begin with colors that are a super duper hit among the US crowd. Update your look with any of the five hot hues. Come on now, get a hold of them: First up, is the [...]


Olympics June 2012 London The 2012 Summer Olympic Games, the most awaited sporting event in 2012 is scheduled to start from the 27 July in London, United Kingdom. With this, London would be the first city in the world to host the games in its modern avatar three times, the first time being in 1908 and the second in 1948. London defeated Moscow, New York City, Madrid and Paris on 6 July 2005 to host the Olympics in 2012. Officially known as the Games of the XXX Olympiad, the Games [...]


Finance – A Synonym for Destabilization? Nothing affects us more than finance matters in today’s advanced age of globalization. Our monetary stance not only gets  affected by the ups and downs in finance in our country, but also every significant country in the world. The latest momentous repercussion that we’re all awaiting is the upheaval in Greece that has shaken its politics and finance. Uncertainty looms large due to the impending election tomorrow. Though Greece is a small economy, perennial political paralysis could mean the country making an exit from [...]


Out- Of- the- Box Business Ideas 2012 One of the biggest scourges to affect mankind is none other than Cancer and that too in a severe way. The number of those unfortunately afflicted with cancer continues to grow every year and it doesn’t seem like the situation is going to reverse. It’s true that cancer therapy constantly works in the favor of cancer patients but the effect of such treatment for survivors is dramatic. Some of the commonly observed consequences include poor health and esthetical problems. A business plan can [...]

Real Estate

Real Estate: Financial Independence Real estate is defined as a property that comprises of any land area with either constructions on it, or natural resources such as crops, water etc. Similarly, real estate investment covers any of the following: purchasing, owning, managing, and sale or rental of one’s property for monetary gain. Real estate investing forms one of the most prevalent ways used by individuals to become wealthy. Here’s How to Explore Your Gains One can initiate by purchasing real estate such as a house, an apartment, commercial space, retail [...]


Non invasive techniques for foetal genome determination A recent procedure developed by scientists makes it possible to determine the genome characteristics of a unborn child without performing invasive techniques such as amniocentesis, etc. The technique is a good news for all expecting parents who have been advised to undergo procedures to determine genetic defects during the pregnancy period. Expecting parents who have a history of genetic problems on either side of the family need not worry about the risks of carrying out genome detection tests anymore.Invasive procedures carry a risk [...]