What is Medical Transcription? Can I make a career as a transcriptionist?

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Many people have asked this question, and those looking for a job, are still asking the same question. A fresh college graduate or even an undergraduate can make a career of becoming a transcriptionist. People who do not understand what Transcription really is and what a transcriptionist really does mostly […]

Medical Transcription Services: A Relief From Backlogs

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Medical transcription services are preferred by the clients for getting the medical audios transcribed. Various service providers offer medical transcription services to the doctors, physicians and surgeons. Such service providers hire the experts who have excelled in medical field to transcribe the reports, audio of the medical contents into texts. […]

Transcription-A Highly Paid Job

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Transcription as a career is fast becoming popular. Not only is it an easy job, which only requires typing skills, but also the job can be completed comfortably from your home. Transcription is to listen to audio and then put it into writing. Not much skill is required except for […]

Select the Best Transcription Companies

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Transcription is a necessity in this web based world for both record and analysis purpose. There are numerous transcription companies which offer their services for this, but not all the companies are equally good. It is important to select the best option for this so that the data transcribed is […]


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Mobile Technology – Introducing an intelligent range of Smartphone Apps that promote fitness Leading a healthy lifestyle and acquiring well-shaped body has always been a major priority for men & women across the world. In addition to several modern weight-reduction techniques, the latest mobile technology has recently joined hands to […]

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