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Trying to answer this question may mean answering each person individually yet this is not realistically possible. The term best can be described as relative or very individualistic. What looks good to one person may be quite ugly to another because people differ in tastes and preference. Does this then mean that service companies have an overly difficult

t time trying to meet the needs of their different clients? Not at all! Much as best is relative; there are common factors that make best what it is.

Let’s first begin by stating one solid fact about transcription. In this day and age transcription is a service no sector or business can do without if growth is anywhere in their objectives. Transcription has become relevant to nearly all sectors from medical, academic, communications, marketing, entertainment, government to the legal sector. Today even small start-ups identify with transcription in many ways.

So what are some of the factors that define best transcription service? We ran through some customer reviews within and without just to try and establish what they consider to be best. Of course best is a superlative term that comes as a result of a comparison with many others in the space.

  • They are able to transcribe a range of audio formats be it MP3, AMR, AVI, WMA, WAV, M4A, DSS, Voicemail, audio cassettes, tapes or DVD.
  • They offer synchronization services together with transcription which is advantageous for visibility through a recordings or cutting media search.
  • They have employed qualified transcribers to do the job. It is quite easy to tell when work has been done by a professional and when it has been done by an amateur.
  • Fast turnaround matters a lot. You wouldn’t want to delegate your transcription project to someone or a company which will take ages to complete then when you are out of time, you realize you need to send it back for a revision which, who knows, may take even longer.
  • Price is a controversial factor. Others feel that cheap is expensive. The cheaper the service the more compromised its quality. True, but only to some extent. The argument here is, companies re today willing to offer cheaper services if only to capitalize on profit from high turnover. If you can get the masses with a slightly lower margin, you are better off than one who offers high prices and ends up with fewer clients. So it is possible to get fair rates for quality services.
  • Quality is one of those factors that resonated in most if not all reviews. It is the reason why people outsource transcription in the first place otherwise they are better off doing it alone. Quality in transcription is obviously defined by a high level of accuracy and great professional presentation.
  • Which leads us to our next point, reviews. Companies that have commanded some great reviews not only in their site but elsewhere in review sites and blogs are sure to offer best transcription service. Need I say more?
  • This next point may sound a little biased to older service providers but it qualified as a factor. Has the transcription service provider been in the market long enough? If yes, they must have stood the test of time. This doesn’t omit the fact that there are some dubious service providers that have also been in the market for quite some time.
  • Other companies offer free trials to their customers like a 15min or less transcription to prove the quality of their services and customers really appreciated this. However, this is not a popular strategy.
  • Finally, nothing beats an available and supportive customer service. Most customers gauged quality by the kind of customer service they receive. Actually, sometimes this is what informs their decision of whether or not to go for a service provider.

There you have it!

If you are looking for tips that will guide you to selecting the best transcription service, these are the factors you need to look out for.

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