What Makes a Good Speech Transcription?

Some folks think that you only need to write speeches on paper if you want to make a “speech transcription”. The truth could not be further from it. There are several things that transcription can be judged upon, and those points will be our talk for the day.

With that in mind, what are those points?


Probably the most underrated thing in transcription. Those who professionally “convert video to text” know that punctuation is very important to get right. Without knowing where to put a stop or a comma, a transcriber cannot be considered a good transcriber. In fact, he or she could probably confuse the readers and it might lead to the speaker missing their point. If that happens, there is no one else to blame but the transcriber.

Accuracy and speed

When someone asks for a “text transcription”, that certain someone will usually want to have the job done in a matter of hours. You heard it right, folks. Not months, weeks, or even days. Hours.

That is why a good transcription needs to be quickly done. Not only it has to be done quickly, it needs to be done accurately, too. A good transcriber needs to understand how to hear and translate accents quickly. If they dwell on one sentence for far too long, they will only end up with an unfinished job. When a transcriber did not finish their job, there will be no transcription to talk of, hence why it could never be a good transcription.

A somewhat deep understanding of the language they are transcribing in

When you are transcribing something, you need to understand the language you are transcribing in. It might be rare to see someone whose mother tongue is not a certain language transcribes a speech in that certain language, but it happens. When that happens, that someone needs to have a deep understanding of the language that they are working with. Lacking that, it will lead to miscommunication.

If you want to have a good transcription…

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