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The modern world requires work at fast pace and the global outsourcing industry is at the forefront of this development. Amongst the plethora of work scope there is one such area which has developed rapidly in past few years and its future is extremely bright too. Transcription work has been into existence for long but its demand has soared to new heights in present times and this demand in rise is not just from movie industry but also from academic areas. Amongst all the transcription work Video Transcription is one such area which not just requires complete accuracy but its timely completion is essential as well which is prime factor behind growth of any organization.

Every new invention gives rise to several other inventions and when the world was introduced with video there was felt a need to add sound to it. The inventors and scientists made this possible to and with this there arose the need for Video Transcription. Many a times we are unable to catch up with the pace of videos and in such times the best solution available for us is to transcribe them. Transcriptions make our lives easier as it helps us in understanding the video better. Video Transcriptions are highly beneficial for better understanding of the video and it even helps in accumulating a lot of knowledge from the video. There are a few factors which are very essential when a video is being transcribed. They are as follows:

Factor 1 – The name of each character in the video must be done otherwise the reader will be confused and the whole purpose of video transcription will fail.

Factor 2 – Timing is very important too. The entire must transcription must be in a sequential order and every written word must go with the flow of video.

Factor 3 – If there is some unusual term or words of great importance then they must be highlighted as it will help in greater understanding and the reader will benefit from this extra effort taken by the transcribers.

The above listed factors are amongst the few very important ones which is crucial in making a video transcription a great success. When going for a video transcription we are faced with several dilemmas, we have several questions running into our minds; some of them are as follows:

Q1) Which company shall I trust for my work?

Q2) Will my work be delivered on time?

Q3) Will it be of high quality and as desired by me?

The perfect answer to all such above listed question and the only company which will fulfil its promise is CabbageTree Solutions. Our company is market leader when it comes to any transcription work and in the field of video transcription there is no other company which matches our standard. We have been an ardent believer in “quality over everything else” philosophy and our highly talented and experienced team ensures that you get the best possible video transcription at the most reasonable rates possible.

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