Transcription Service: From Scribes to the Recent Transcription Service

Transcription has been there for ages. It started with a way to preserve the thoughts on the walls of the caves. Then came the time when scribes were employed for transcription services. Their work was to record the happenings of the court. Starting from there, transcription has come a long way from when it started. Today transcription services online can be used for any kind of services. Following are the list of the services offered by the Transcription companies.

Different type of Transcription Services

  • Academic Transcription: This involves conversion of lectures, seminars, and discussions at schools, colleges and university. This helps in easy distribution of materials. It is also a big help in creating the future reference and analysis.  In some instance convert video to text is also needed in addition to audio to text
  • Business Transcriptions: Business transcription service is required everywhere. It is one way to put all the details in writing. This helps in case of future conflicts and to maintain the quality of the work.
  • Interview Transcription: It is possible to transcript all kind of interviews, be it the telephonic interview or the face-to-face interview to transcribe video to text . This helps in creating the written record of the interview for later reference and for analysis.  It can be a big help in providing the feedback to the candidate.
  • Expert Transcription: The expert transcription is needed for the fields like medical and legal areas. This helps in the maintenance of the accuracy of the proceedings during medical or legal proceedings.

Need for transcription

Transcription service can be availed for any kind of meeting or proceedings. It helps in maintaining the right record for all kind of things. Transcription is also an excellent way of reaching a wider audience as handouts or as web pages and transcribe video to text or convert video to text. This also helps in improving the SEO of the audio files and can provide more exposure to the audio text.

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