Transcription Service For MP3/MP4 files

A long time back a survey was conducted. The survey asked a few individuals, “What will you do if you do not understand the contents of a MP3/MP4 file?” The result was a little shocking; a lot of them said that they will use Google to understand the content. The big question is whether Google will be able to help you understand a lecture which was held just today. The answer is “NO”; Google will definitely help you in understanding a few terms but not the entire thing. A lot of them were quiet unfamiliar with transcription service. Gone are the days when you had to struggle with audio or video file. Despite watching them and listening to its content over and over again, understanding would prove to a nightmare. In the present era all sorts of transcription service is readily available and they are customized to suit your needs. Not only the work is delivered on time but all due care is taken to make them most suitable for you.

Transcription Service is of various types, some of the major ones are as follows:

1)      Audio Transcription – In such transcription the file is basically in MP3 format. The scope of work is to listen to the contents and transcribe it for the client.

2)      MP4 or Video Transcription – In this type the file is basically of MP4 type wherein both the important elements are present i.e., sound as well as visual information. Such transcriptions are relatively easier when compared to audio transcription.

Apart from the above listed transcription services there exists several others which are a subtype of the two such as transcription for academic work, scientific files, documentaries, informational data and so on. The most important thing to look out for while handing over your transcription work is time and work. At CabbageTree we undertake each and every transcription service very seriously and it is this quality of ours that has helped us in becoming the industry leader.

We have been successfully providing all sorts of transcription service for years together and our expertise encompasses all areas. Having executed thousands of work successfully in stipulated time has enabled us to undertake any transcription work. Our biggest strength is our core team of experts who are drawn from various fields. This diversity is intentionally created to help our esteemed clients with all sorts of work and unlike others CabbageTree never outsources any assignment to other companies. All your requirements will be met by our in-house team of expert professionals.

The industry of transcription service is progressing rapidly and some companies charge exorbitantly for such services. We are not amongst the companies who fleece clients. Our prices are most reasonable and despite being priced reasonably we offer superior quality experience. CabbageTree walks the extra mile to give you all that is needed for success and growth. While handing over your transcription work to us you can be sure of ultimate quality of work.

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