Transcription-A Highly Paid Job

Transcription as a career is fast becoming popular. Not only is it an easy job, which only requires typing skills, but also the job can be completed comfortably from your home. Transcription is to listen to audio and then put it into writing. Not much skill is required except for listening and hearing. By typing with minimum errors you can earn yourself a good income.

There are different types of Transcriptionists jobs available. Some of them are:

  • General Transcription
  • Medical Transcription
  • Legal Transcription

In General Transcription, all you need to do is listen to an audio provided by the company and put it into writing. The General transcription, as suggested by the name, can be related to anything general such as speeches, interviews, and seminars, or TV, Radio, etc. You will be required to produce a transcript form of the audio files given to you. The company that you are applying for might require a short audio test, which you will be required to pass. This helps them in assessing your skills, typing speed, and hearing abilities. This job or work does not require any special knowledge or skills and anyone with good typing speeds and a keen ear can do the work and earn handsomely.

Legal Transcription is also gaining popularity nowadays. A legal transcriptionist will be required to produce transcripts of the audio tape of legal proceedings such as a court’s hearing, legal documents, and much more. A transcriptionist might also be required to produce drafts or even fill legal documents. You can find many companies today that are looking for legal Transcriptionists. The job and work attracts higher pay scales and compensation as some knowledge of law and legal terminology is required. This job is good for law students who want to earn a little extra on the side to pay for tuition fees or other expenses.

In case of Medical Transcription, individuals are required to have a certificate or proof of training to show that they have experience, or familiarity with medical terms and can do the job of a medical transcriptionist. As with legal transcription, a background in medicine or medical related knowledge and skills are a plus. This job and work is good for medical students to help pay for college fees and one only requires good typing skills in order to complete the job.

The flexibility of a Transcription job is that one can find a job suitable to their individual requirements, i.e. an individual can choose the working hours or how much transcription work he or she can do. You can easily find transcription work, especially online. The Internet market is growing and so is the demand for online Transcriptionists. All you will be required to do is have Microsoft Word or other such applications to do the typing. You will find a lot of good companies online that are hiring Transcriptionists. All you need to do is do a little searching and you will find many jobs that suit your requirements. Although the pay is good, the job itself is monotonous, yet it gives you the comfort of working from home. If you are looking for a highly paid job and have no concerns for a monotonous job then this transcription career is the right one for you.

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