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Transcription has come a long way. While technology has been hailed for simplifying operations and making things much easier than they were in the past, the human aspect can never be totally replaced. I for one, appreciate technology and the transformation it has brought along with it. There are days when a typewriter could do the job just fine, but with the innovation of computers, obsolescence has since caught up with it. Obsolesce is real in technology world although we can trust that better technology will keep coming.

We may not entirely rely on people for errors’ sake, but a balanced approach focused on a cream of human transcribers and the latest speech recognition technology is a guaranteed route to quality transcription services. Where transcribing audio to text is concerned, the need for accuracy can never be overemphasized. Technology has its own rigid deficiencies and this is where human transcribers come in.   Human beings are flexible enough to work around these deficiencies to improve the quality and accuracy of any transcribed piece.

Transcription is still taking on the world and fast. There is more awareness so that businesses and companies are today reaping from the immense benefits that transcription has to offer. It’s an undeniable fact that the world needs transcription.

At this point let’s shed some light on the importance of transcription you may or may not have known.

  • The world is driven by data. Transcription plays a significant role in delivering information in text format.
  • Most people are familiar with internet and email. Some information that we receive through these powerful tools have actually been obtained through transcribing audio to text before it can reach us. Sometimes it is more convenient to read than listen to information and this brings us to our next point.
  • The accuracy of the information we listen to depends a whole lot on several factors. The clarity of speech is one of them. Clarity of speech is affected by accents among other factors. This one factor is enough to distort information. Transcribing audio to text standardizes information offering the benefit of expanding its potential audience considerably.
  • In addition, audio content is typically not machine-readable. To qualify such audio for indexing by search engine algorithms, it needs to be converted to text. Transcription is therefore a tool that site owners should consider as source for increased traffic to their website and an effective message delivery tool.

At, we have gone out of our way to ensure that our clients get the best of transcription services by combining quality trained subscribers with technology. Your order will not just be transcribed, it will go through a rigorous quality check for maximum accuracy. Technology is good for productivity and efficiency purposes but real work, if quality is anything to go by, lies with human transcribers.

If quality, accuracy, and affordability are your top transcription priorities, you can count on  to deliver the best.

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