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Speeches and audio have always been the most common form of communication amongst us. We use speech to communicate and to put across information. The other medium would be text.. Writing – in its infinite ways, is a very specific way to transfer information and receive it. Every day we go across hundreds of written pieces of information – from newspapers and website to banners and texts.  Thus we need mp3 transcription to help us convert these voice to text for understanding them better and keep a record of the same

We live in a world of content and an age of information and the most important tool to be taken into consideration during the process is TIME.

Thus, began the search for regulating this transfer of information and to make it more quick and efficient. Within a few years of research, ‘Text to Speech’ concept was created. Mp3 transcriber is a tool that is very widely used today to for mp3 transcription or convert speech to text.

Let’s say you were listening to a speech by the great Martin Luther King Jr – which is one of the most motivational speeches of all time, and you wanted to get the speech into text. But it is hundreds upon hundreds of words, and writing all that takes time.?

The solution is simple. You tap into an mp3 transcriber, upload the mp3, get the text, proofread/spell check it once to be sure, and voila! You have created written content and saved hours of time.

The mechanism is not so very complicated. When it comes to English, there are a whole lot of ways a word can be pronounced. Every mp3 transcribing software has a set of voices – alphabets and words pre-recorded in a preset. The software takes the audio, breaks it up into pieces, and starts transcribing words. It takes into account the usual set of words used together (for example, certain sayings and quotes), to make things easier. After words are recognized by breaking the mp3 into small fragments and analyzing each one of them, it goes for ‘sets of words’. Sentences are formed. Before you know it, you now have a paragraph of it.

These software are available easily these days. From chrome apps and apple apps to android and windows software for mp3 transcription – they are wildly popular and used by many people. The uses are more than just reanimating content from speech to writing. They are used by musicians and professionals to check new content for originality and for transferring a song into a set of lyrics. Highly advanced and tuned versions are used by big agencies and the army to decode audio messages into text. If you are salesmen who specialized in selling text transcriptions of the spoken word, it can be used as a business tool.

In a nutshell, this is a very rare tool that is only increasing in demand and popularity. It saves time and it provides great content! Mp3 transcriber is your very own scribbler – at your command at the push of a single button.  However, at CabbageTree Solutions, all transcription is done manually and not using any software.  This ensures the level of accuracy is very high.  For more details please visit

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