Police Transcription Service: Why Is It Necessary To Hire One ?

The job of a policeman is a very tough thing to do, hence why they often need someone to do “police transcription” jobs every now and then. Why is that? Why is it necessary for the police to hire someone to make a transcription? All of those questions will be answered within this article, so if you ever ask yourself all of them, then you are free to continue reading this article.

Let us talk about why the police need to have a transcriber

Before we get into the details, we need to know why the force needs to rent a transcriber. While you might not notice it, there are actually a lot of things that can be transcribed of when it comes to a policeman’s job.

A policeman would need to have someone transcribe things such as inmate phone calls, staff and department meetings, victim interviews, witness statements, patrol reports, 911 dispatch calls (this is by far the most important thing to transcribe), and many others.

What a transcriber needs to have to make a good “police transcription”

Transcribing a police file is not as easy as making your ordinary transcription, no. You need to know that there exist several things to know when you are making a police-related transcription.

First, it needs to be very accurate. When a policeman is reading into a transcript, they want to know the exact details of it. They want to know what and when the conversation takes place and they want to know what kind of stops and delays that happens in a conversation. All of them are sometimes used to help police officers solve cases.

Second, it needs to be fast. When a transcriber is making a transcription of a dispatch call, they normally need to work fast because you cannot expect the caller to repeat what they are saying in a case of emergency. This is very true when someone is transcribing in a language that does not use the ordinary alphabet (perhaps they are trying to make a “Japanese transcription”).

If you need help in transcribing police stuff…

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