Podcast Transcription is a Twofold Gain

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Podcasts have a short history. The first ever podcast was heard of during the late nineteenth century. Up until 2004, podcasting also known as audioblogging was not very popular. It was in the late 2004 that podcasting hit the limelight. A Google search in October 2004 yielded barely 6000 results compared with today’s close to 1million results. Since 2004, podcast enthusiasts have tripled by the numbers and today podcasts can be depended upon for valuable information. They are fast being integrated in main media and as it is, they have a great potential of surpassing traditional media in terms of audience preference. Podcasts are a powerful tool used to keep in touch with an audience.

As podcasting gains ground, podcast transcription too is becoming a great need. Realization has dawned that text has its own value in line with internet search while audio has its different benefits. A mix of these two actually widens audience base by giving variety.

Let’s first look at how beneficial podcasting is.

  • Compared to readership, listenership is more active than passive. Listeners have a stronger connection with content than readers, even though readers can never be overlooked. Commanding a big listener audience marks the success of any marketer.
  • In this era of smart phones, iphones, iPads, and tablets there is such a rare craving for information than has been witnessed in the past. People want information on the go and podcasting is a sure way of reaching your audience with information at anytime, wherever they are.
  • For some or perhaps most people, it is easier to get information from a third party through the spoken rather than written. Again, the target audience would prefer receiving it in this form because of the convenience it presents.

Podcast transcription complements podcasting. It is a way of covering a wider base and ensuring more audience can consume content in whatever form. The advantage of transcribed podcast is that you get both the audio and the text content from one source thus getting double benefit. Both are similar only they are presented in different forms.

Because audios and videos are not searchable by search engine algorithms, podcast transcription boosts search engine results. In this day and age, many people get content by searching the internet and having your podcast in text format is one sure way of getting new subscriptions.

Perhaps the most important yet often overlooked advantage of transcribing podcasts is reaching out to those who may not be in a position to listen to podcasts. This includes people with hearing challenges, those who generally are not fond of listening to podcasts, and those who are not up to date with the podcasting technology.

At cabbagetreesoultions.com, our expert opinion is that podcast transcription is critical to the growth of any audience. If you have to reach your base in audio and text form, provide them with relevance and quality. Here we believe that quality and affordability are key to the success of distributing your podcasts. Why not consider giving us your podcasting project for transcription and see the difference it makes.


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