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The online world is another world altogether. Typically, many online service providers claim to be what they are not. If there is place where scam is very common, it’s online. Because of the virtual nature of online services and transactions, you never really know who you are dealing with. This is the downside, but the advantage is you can get you projects handled fast, affordably and you get to save time compared to having to source for a service provider locally. Furthermore, you will have access to quality because you are connected to the world and have the discretion to select the best, do your search and research at a go.

Online transcription services are all over the web. You can get the highest quality, the cheapest, or still fall for scams or substandard services. It all begins with what you really want delivered to you and how far you are willing to go to get what you want. Transcription is not an every man’s job, it is a specialist service. This is why outsourcing your transcription project may be a better decision than entrusting your typist with it.

Today we thought we should share with you the benefits of online transcriptions as well as some red flags to watch out for when selecting an online transcription services provider. Remember you cannot afford to take chances with your project. Caution is best exercised before and not after your job has been done. Truth is, even those who thought they were smart at scheming through the internet have been duped.

Here are three benefits of online transcription services

  • They are affordable:

There are two reasons why online transcription services are considered economical. First, it may be more expensive for you getting your staff to do the job. It is time consuming for them and the opportunity cost is not worth while because of lack of expertise in this area. They are better off sticking to what they to do best and you taking a shorter time at a small cost to get your transcription done.


Secondly, due to the high number of online transcription companies, competition for market share is outcome. With competition comes competitive prices and better quality.

  • They save you time:

Online services are a click-to-go kind of service where you don’t need to go out in search of services. Everything is virtual you place your order, make payment, and get the job done at the comfort of your home or office. This is a good time saver.

  • You get your best take on accuracy:

Competition begets quality. No service provider is willing to risk losing customers because of poor service.

What should you watch out for when selecting an online transcription company?

  • When they have good ratings on their own site and nasty ratings on review sites, watch out.
  • When their website is not easy to navigate through and you have the feeling that there’s always something that is not clear.
  • When their customer support is not helpful and have commanded some bad ratings too.


We hope this was helpful. Good luck in your search for the best!


You can count on to give you top quality at affordable rates. What’s more, we work well within deadlines so you get your competed project just in time.

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