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If there is a profession associated with large volumes of documents, it is the legal profession. Here is where data, and accurate data at that, matters most due to the sensitive nature of this profession. Legal firms, prosecutors, attorneys, legal departments and just about any registered firm will need legal transcription services for one reason or the other. Legal transcription involves presenting recordings of legal cases in written form for present or future use. These services help legal professionals to focus more on their core business while delegating other tasks for a smooth flow of work.

Legal transcription is as intricate as medical transcription and requires speed, great attention to detail, accuracy, and good listening skills to deliver professional up to standard documents.

Why is legal transcription important?

Legal interactions along with their transcribed documents act as the evidence required to establish the guilt or innocence of a defendant in order to give fair verdict. These could be transcripts of court proceedings, interrogations, negotiations, arbitrations, and depositions to name but a few.

This transcription is also important because it provides documented facts relevant for the preparation of a trial or lawsuit.

For law firms or attorneys, legal transcription services provide an effective way of maintaining client files with documented information concerning their cases.

Must have skills for a legal transcriptionist

A legal transcriptionist is different from a legal secretary or a court reporter. While experience is key to the success of a transcriber, online training is always available which will equip the beginner with the expertise to handle this specialized transcription.

Below are some skills you should look out for in a legal transcriber.

  1. Good listening skills: Listening skills enable one to transcribe varying accents, pick out dictation inconsistencies, and still be able to quickly research unfamiliar terms for accuracy purposes.
  2. Well versed with legal processes and terminology: Legal terminology can sometimes be complex especially for the transcriber without prior legal experience either in the legal field or in legal transcription. This skill is the backbone of any legal transcriptionist and without it, one is no better than a general transcriber.
  • Fast typing speed: this is important especially when doing real time legal transcription. A speed ranging within 80-100 words per minute is recommended. Of course, it will be possible to proof read later on for better results.
  1. Excellent command of the English Language: the most basic but quite important skill. Familiarity with grammar, spelling, and punctuation is important for accuracy purposes.
  2. Ability to accurately do real time transcription: a skill that is sometimes needed when transcribing through court sessions. Here, it is important to work with speed and be able to identify different speakers for an accurate interpretation of the transcript.

Why you need a qualified legal transcriptionist

  • They are able to put together accurate and updated for easy access at any time.
  • They relieve you off having to handle the job yourself which a lot of times leads to huge backlogs and inefficiencies.
  • They offer affordable yet well-timed service delivery to meet your transcription needs.
  • As legal transcription involves dealing with numerous documents, updated documentation means that you can organize and retrieve documents when required and with much ease.

Here is where steps in. among other services we have qualified legal transcriptionists who can handle the bulk legal transcription with the highest accuracy levels. Why not entrust us with your legal transcription projects. we understand how hectic it can get without someone to handle your transcription job.

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