Secure your future with highly economical & safe Term Life Insurance Plan

Life Insurance is a form of financial security that every individual must compulsorily possess in the present era. Rarely does one come across an apt Insurance plan with suitable term coverage that fits appropriately into his/her budget. Moreover, opting for customized plans invite heavy premium payments which is not affordable by many. Term Life Insurance Plan was introduced specifically to tackle this particular dilemma faced by those belonging to the average-income group. This plan offers economically viable solutions for securing your future as well as maintaining decent financial stability in the long-run. Let us take a look at a few reasons that make Term Life Insurance plan, the most practical choice amongst all the other available options:

This plan is the cheapest life insurance policy with the advantage of personalized premium selection. Furthermore, Term Life Insurance also benefits the individual by giving him/her the flexibility to single-out the most suitable time period for the same. Therefore, you are relieved from worrying about making payments against the pre-stated terms and have the freedom to select the time frame for which you
wish to be insured. This facility makes the Term Life Insurance absolutely apt for those who wish for temporary coverage.

As compared to various insurance options that currently prevail in the market, Term Life Insurance offers extremely affordable premium which makes it easier for a large section of population to secure their family’s future at a slashed rates.

Term Life Insurance also grants you a unique prospect to secure a major property especially when the prime income source is out of the picture. This is done by letting you choose amongst a wide range of fixed coverage payments. A fixed premium rate would not only assist in better financial management but also allow you to focus on additional monetary responsibilities like your child’s education.

Easy accessibility is another advantage of Term Life Insurance. You can trace complete information regarding the different kinds of insurance policies and their individual premium rates absolutely free of cost by visiting their official webpage on the internet. Another option would be to get in touch with a certified insurance agent who would supply you with the desired information & also get you acquainted with the most viable plan that fits well in to your budget. In addition to saving a lot of time & effort, instant access to this information also prepares you for future financial commitments by introducing potential payment options that are available to you.

Term Life Insurance is equipped with several coverage options that secure many different aspects of our lifestyle For Ex- medical emergency or travel related insurance plans. You can also opt for the basic term insurance that does not follow any pre-determined clauses and plainly focuses on offering financial security to the individual for the insured term.

Buying this life insurance is not only hassle-free but also an extremely speedy process. Term life insurance no medical exam plan is the one that does not demand a host of documentation for identity proof or complex verification procedures. This can be easily bought by rightly filling & submitting a simple form on their official website.

Apart from the above mentioned factors that play a major part in the popularity of Term Life Insurance, it is also favored for providing optimum control over one’s financial security that works well with his/her lifestyle & status.

Tips to reduce auto Insurance premium rates for college students

With the emergence of massive range of educational courses & subsequent developments in this direction, the cost of education has risen considerably in the past few years. College/Tuition fees & cost of civilized/Hi-tech study material is not the only expense that college goers have to endure. In addition to these overheads, one also has to incur the cost of auto insurance if he/she owns a car and frequently uses the same for commuting to college. Auto insurance bills for college students are extremely inconvenient mainly due to the fact that it causes a recurring damage to one’s finances. Aspiring students are already given a strict budget to follow, upon which hefty auto insurance makes it extremely difficult for them to manage their expensive aptly. Some insurance companies introduce timely discounts on their auto insurance plans for students but these policies come with many pre-requisites which results in benefitting only a few. There is absolutely no way of getting rid of student auto insurance bills but you can undertake a few steps in order to reduce the premiums for the same:

It is always preferable to stay on your guardian/parent’s insurance policy & simultaneously pay a sufficient amount from the total charges of auto insurance premium bill. Sharing this bill amount is the safest & most economical way of averting massive payments that may befall you if you individually apply for the same. Different states have different clauses related to auto insurance, therefore it would be extremely viable to check with your insurance company for the same and accordingly move further with it.

An individual’s auto insurance score determines his/her premium rate & a list of additional factors like age, driving history etc. On the basis of the above mentioned factors an insurance company calculates & sets a discounted payable amount as your auto insurance premium. A well-maintained driving record is one of the most crucial factors to determine your eligibility for receiving a specific discount from your insurance company. Hence it is advisable to always keep a tab about the same with your service provider & avail decent benefits in the form of slashed premium rates. For Ex- Safe Driving Discount is commonly offered by several insurance companies to those drivers who have maintained a track record of safe driving for a long time without being charged with a violation or ticket. Similarly a crash course in Defensive Driving skills is another way to avail the Safe Driving Discount on your auto insurance.

Full-time students with a decent educational record can also apply for receiving special discounts also known as the ‘Good Student Discount’ on their respective Auto insurance premiums. All you need to do is enquire with your service provider about the same and offer them a photocopy of your educational record. The ‘Good Student Discount’ on Auto-insurance generally lasts until the student completes 24 years of age.

Students who do not live within the college campus and possess a renter’s insurance can receive up to 15% discount on their auto insurance, provided both the insurance policies are (renter’s insurance & auto insurance) acquired from similar service providers.

If you drive a vehicle that is equipped with special safety systems then some insurance companies may be willing to lower their premium charges on your auto insurance.

Special auto-insurance discounts are also offered for students belonging to certain organizations/associations. You must check with your service provider for the same.

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