How to Select the Right Transcription Company

Need for Video Transcription

As the technology advance and the size of the audience grow, the Video Transcription Services have become more necessary. This transcription service is especially helpful in multi speaker setting. In such cases, transcription helps in identifying the speakers well. The transcription also serves as a big help to the people who are not confident with the language of the video. Another advantage of the transcription service is that the transcription can easily be translated to other languages. This provides wider audience base for the video.

Things to take Care While Selecting A Transcription Company

The right video transcription can help the video in many ways, but one needs to select the right transcription company first. Following points shall be taken care of while selecting the right company:

  • Expertise in Language: To get the right transcription, the transcriber should be able to understand and write it correctly. Therefore, expertise in language is a must for Transcription Company.
  • Expertise in Subject: To understand and express the subject mentioned in the video rightly, the transcriber needs to be an expert in that subject. This is especially true for medical, legal or other such specialized videos.
  • Credibility: Many videos have the requirement that the data of the video should be kept confidential. This makes it necessary to check credibility of the transcribers so that the data is not leaked to the general public.
  • Timeliness: The video transcription company should be able to adhere to the client’s time schedule.
  • Price: This is the next most important point in deciding the company.  The company should be able to deliver the transcription service at the right budget. The pricing should be transparent and should not involve any hidden costs.

Importance of Right Transcription

Right transcription is the essence of the video transcription service. The delayed transcription or the miscommunicated words can make a huge impact on the meaning of the video. To ensure that the video is faithfully transcribed, care should be taken while short listing the transcribing companies.

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