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The year 2012 has the same seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter but double the number of fashion trends! In any season of the ongoing year, you will find many individuals wrapped in elegant fabrics and a vast color palette that ranges from vivid to soft, pastels etc. Let’s begin with colors that are a super duper hit among the US crowd. Update your look with any of the five hot hues. Come on now, get a hold of them:

First up, is the unpredictably attractive tangerine color! You’ll see this almost in every wardrobe. So, brighten up your fashion statement with this very saturated orange color. The red undertone is to die for. Not just dresses, even accessories from nail paints, bracelets and sling bags to bikinis are available in this head turner shade.

Make Place in Your Wardrobe

Of all the pastel and neutral colors gaining pace, the mint one is undoubtedly the trendiest one. This very soothing hue comes from a very delicate mix of blue and green color and exudes a light vibe. One of the advantages of opting for this frosty mint color is the fact that it pairs exceedingly well with several other choices. Take for example, the delectable combination of mint and shades of teal, yellow and pink too! Statement jewelry or even footwear like loafer looks chic with a fresh layer of ‘mintiness’ to it.

Next color is one you and others will surely lust after. Even Emily Blunt wore this bright green color at the recent SAG awards this year. Fashion analysis states that this upcoming trend must be sported as sundresses, sexy shorts to rock this season. How can pink be missed out on this year? Fashion trends are never complete without the inclusion of feminine pink and 2012 brings coral pink (that’s pink with a dash of orange) for a balanced dose of edginess and feminism. Another color you must, must, MUST consider is the citron yellow! (But only if you are not ‘neon color shy’)

This particular color can be intimidating; so handle with care. It’s almost fluorescent and simply bold. Incorporate either one citron yellow element to be on the safe side or experiment with color blocking!

2012 Fashion Report Continues

That covers the colors but there’s still more. Fashion designers are offering a lot for example animal, floral prints and geometric prints too! Of late, lace seems to be showing up almost everywhere from models at the ramp to celebrities at shows etc. Lace dresses have always been popular especially when it comes to weddings but red carpet has seen it too.

You can look sultry in a dainty dress with lace or graceful with a pleated lace skirt. You can add lace to not only blouses and skirts but handbags too. Also, high waist trousers and shorts have made a strong comeback this year. These are both comfortable to wear and look good with almost everything from biker style jackets to floral!

So, what’s your take on this? Are you up for the latest trends?

CFDA Awards: A Gala Affair!

This year too, the prestigious CFDA also known as Council of Fashion Designers of America honored many of the deserving fashion designers and stars in a large scale event held at the Lincoln Center in the fashion capital of New York. This organization does not aim at any profit, whatsoever and consists of 350 plus accessory designers and stylists. The current year of 2012 held more importance for them than ever before. It was because with 2012 came the occasion of CFDA’s golden jubilee!

As it was also their 50th anniversary, the CFDA fashion awards were broadcast live on The President of this trade association, Diane von Furstenberg as well as the CEO, Steven Kolb stated that receiving an award from CFDA is one of the most coveted achievements and that too in an industry that witnesses countless fashion trends. The very special evening brought together n number of stylists, designers, celebrities- all under one roof.

Glam in Abundance!

In fact, you’ll all agree (especially those who watched it all live on their screens) that the most enthralling part of the entire function was not only to see who won the statue, right? It was also about relishing how the multitude of personalities who made their presence at the event, impressed with their design wears. Their outfits were absolutely to die for- More on that after taking a look at the highlights of the program. Here it is:

The star student event commenced with all the invitees arriving in style with Lexus RX 350 or RX 450 Hybrids. Lexus was after the official sponsor of the function. The mesmerizing lanterns and floor lamps made for a lovely backdrop at the time of arrival, plus cocktails too. The podium with its crystal encrusted body surely added dimensionality.

The opening ceremony of the fashion awards was well received by a two minute film by Zoe Cassavetes. This short film paid a humble tribute to the CFDA also known as the ‘fashion Oscars’ and its members. The red carpet was thronged with many, including: Anna Wintour, Zoe Saldana, Joan Smalls etc. Full attendance by the who’s who of the social and fashion world was noticed. Some of the VIP guests were, Alexander Wang, Deborah Lloyd, Betsey Johnson and more.

To award promising and fresh talent, Swarovski Awards were presented by Lily Collins to the following: Joseph Altuzarra was the recipient of ‘The Swarovski Award for Womenswear’ and Tabitha Simmons for excellence in accessory designing. The much known Tommy Hilfiger has cast an unforgettable impression in the fashion industry. To acknowledge his creativity and consistency, he was presented with ‘Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award’. The prestigious award for being a fashion icon went into Johnny Depp’s lap!

Now, heading to the best dressed stars that night: The ones that got it right include Zoe Saldana in a Prabal Gurung black outfit, Julianna Hough, Mary- Kate Olsen, twin Ashley Olsen (who bagged the Womenswear Designer Award of the Year) etc. And yes, colors of black and white did dominate here. Starlets were seen in gowns with plunging necklines for a bold yet classy look and floral prints too. All in all, it was a spectacular event!

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