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If you are wondering about the easiest and the cost effective way on which you could reach out to all those people who could be your faithful customers, then the answer is Email marketing or bulk email service. By using our Email marketing services you will be able to create your own campaign and send newsletters and other promotional letters to the people in your list.  Email marketing services will allow you to inform your current and potential customers about your new products, improved services or any discounts you may be offering.  You can send newsletter email and do marketing mailing to promote your online presence.

Email Sending Plans

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25,000 Emails – $10


50,000 Emails – $15


100,000 Emails – $25

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Setup Email Software On Your Server – $49


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Email Marketing- At It’s Full Peak

Email marketing or electronic marketing is directly a commercial message to a crew or organization. Email marketing gives groom to business, and is also friendly and easy to use. It is meant to build loyalty trust and friendship among the peoples. It is used to enhance relationships with business man and it is also used to make new friendship with new merchants or people. All the people now use email marketing as it is the most common throughout the whole world. A person can easily do email marketing from one part of the world to another part. It involves advertisements, requests for business, sales or donation. It is used in a number of ways by organizations and marketers. Email marketing has become an essential tool since the arrival of internet . It can also be used on mobile devices which are another benefit for people. Email marketing also provides good results. The innovation of the email marketing software have now make the task more easy as these software have developed a wide and rapid way of communication.

 CabbageTree Solutions provides a wide range of email marketing service. It takes deep action to overcome the problems of spam and its services are hard to depict in words.


Key Features Of Our System

Emails can be sent using your email address but from our servers

  • Emails can be sent using a generic email address but replies going back to your personal emails.
  • Auto responders
  • Surveys
  • Newsletter emails / mails
  • Multiple templates to choose from
  • 100% Spyware and Anti-virus Support
  • Email sending can be prescheduled
  • Reports based on number of emails opened, bounced, unopened
  • Low cost and high efficiency output
  • 24 x 7 Customer Service
  • Contact Lists are kept secured and never used or sold to any other client

Sample Reports

Summary_Report   |   Sent_Report   |   Open&BounceReport


Important Email Marketing Features:

Mail: A Mail by and large comprises of a message body,  the content of which is composed by the sender, has   unique information and is a  medium for transportation of information. It is quite similar to the letter’s envelope. Through distinctive virtual products and programs one can undoubtedly send the mail to anybody as far and wide as possible.

Inbox mass mailer:  Inbox mass mailer is intended for – small businesses. It is a web server which encourages you to connect with your customers productively. Inbox Mass mailer goes about as a right option for your business and likewise helps you in an incredible manner particularly when the business is not at its peak.

What is spam: “Spam” is an acronym inferred from the words “spiced” and ‘ham’. Spam is basically filling the Internet with numerous duplicates of the same message, trying to constrain the message on individuals. Most spam is business publicizing, frequently for dubious items. And one especially dreadful variant of email spam is sending spam to mailing records.

Vertical response: Vertical response has been helping organizations with their email battles since 2001.  Vertical response joins together your email showcasing  ties with your long range informal communication to help you enhance your organization’s compass in today’s workstation based world. Vertical response is unmistakably sorted out so you can discover your path around without a problem. Overall, Vertical response gives you the devices when you have to make an effective email showcasing campaign.

Constant contact: More than 600,000 small organizations, philanthropies, and affiliations overall depend on Constant Contact to drive continuous client  through email promoting, social networking showcasing, occasion advertising, and online overviews. Constant Contact is upsetting the achievement recipe for little associations through moderate, simple to-utilize incorporated marketing devices that help make business to grow and develop client connections.

Opt in: Opt in messages are focused on and regularly customized and convey data about particular subjects or advancements that clients are intrigued by researching. Ordinary opt in messages hold newsletter, item data or extraordinary special offers. Spammers, nonetheless, have figured out how to utilize opt in peculiarity further bolstering their good fortune.

Mass marketing: it is the way to go to telecast a message that will achieve the biggest number of individuals conceivable. Customarily mass marketing has concentrated on radio, TV and daily papers as the media used to achieve this wide group of onlookers. By arriving at the biggest gathering of people conceivable introduction to the item is expanded. Mass Marketing exploration cost and promoting expense are generally low. Higher possibilities -offers volume and effectiveness of scale in a much bigger business sector is conceivable in an extremely successful manner.

Email: email is a strategy for trading computerized messages from a creator to one or more beneficiaries.  It utilizes technology to convey an advanced message over the Internet. User utilizes email in an unexpected way, in light of how they contemplate it. There are numerous programming stages accessible to send and accept. Well known email stages incorporate Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, and numerous others.

PHP mass mailer: the reason for PHP mass mailer is to mass mail numerous beneficiaries with every recipient giving off an impression of being the sole beneficiary of the email. PHP mass mailer is simply a straightforward website page valuable for little business as it helps to exceed its advertising esteem effectively.

SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a convention for sending email messages between servers. Most email frameworks that send letters over the Internet use SMTP to send messages starting with one server then onto the next. The messages can then be  received by an email customer. SMTP is by and large used to send messages from a mail customer to a mail server.

Benchmark mailer: Benchmark Email is a name for email advertising administration. With Benchmark Email, one can make bulletins, reviews, occasion data and coupons rapidly. The showcasing pieces can incorporate the logo and color plan, and also pictures and feature. Benchmark Email gives the individual, the components that make the email crusade interactive.

Advanced mass sender: Advanced mass sender is powerful email campaigning program, created to oversee and send mass amounts of messages to an incredible number of customers. Quick speed, an adaptable yet basic interface, and competitive cost makes advanced mass sender, the best email showcasing program today.

Anonymous mail sender: With Anonymous email sender it is conceivable to send messages without uncovering the email address or any data about the person . One can convey all the more openly and doesn’st need to stress that it may cause problems for him/her. Anonymous email sender is an unlawful and culprit individual whether the purpose for the email is good or bad.

Inbox mailer: Inbox Mailer is a mass email sender which sends email utilizing Gmail and Hotmail account from the desktop. One can include numerous email accounts to send email. The inbox mailer pivots the email account naturally after sending a specific number of messages chosen by the individual.

I mail: invisible mail, additionally alluded to as I-mail, is a strategy for trading advanced messages from a creator to one or more beneficiaries in a protected and secured way. All I-mail messages are consequently scrambled  end-to-end from  sender to the recipient.  I-mail messages that are not sent without any data on the originator are consequently marked and the message’s uprightness and genuineness is checked by the recipient.

Mass sender: Mass Sender can deal with an arrangement of assignments of making, sending, reporting, and breaking down advertising messages without taking a lot of time and vitality. Mass Sender is intended for the utilization of sending group messages. -.

Bulk mailer: bulk mailer is program  broadly utilized via email-advertisers for sending messages, to an extensive gathering of beneficiaries. It permits the individual to spread the news about the items or administrations to a huge gathering of people in a brief period of time. This bulk mailing program  offers unlimited number of email addresses on your mailing rundown and boundless recurrence of messages.

Conclusion: Email is an amazingly capable showcasing instrument and one that ought not to be overlooked. With high Rios contrasted with different strategies, these sorts of messages will help you construct solid associations with leads and clients to fuel your business development.

The key is to portion your group of onlookers and send the right email to them to move them through the obtaining pipe. The inbox mass mailer provided by – CabbageTree Solutions has now forced the clients to opt in with their services as it provides service of high quality and beyond expectations.


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