Convert Voice to Text, End To End Solution to Customer Service

Technology has a way of simplifying things. Futuristic organizations are today embracing the kind of technology that will not only enable them to identify and resolve specific issues in their systems through queries that customers call in with, but also extract and analyze useful data from customers’ interactions with the organization. Customer data is useful for any organization, and businesses that have given keen attention to such data have made great strides in service provision.

Statistics reveal that given around six alternative ways of interactions, more customers still prefer engaging service agents directly through calling. In fact, companies that have managed waiting time on customer calling queues have reported more customer satisfaction than those that have given their customers other interaction alternatives.

The other popular ways through which customers interact with organizations include emails, chat sessions, social media, text, and letters. Common to these five interaction types are that recording and storage is easy because they are based on written text. Customer calls have a great significance, the challenge this type of interaction presents is how to extract data from calls and use it to access relevant information that will assist the business improve it service delivery.

Many voice to text software and applications have come up as a result. Over the years, these applications have been used a great deal to mine data, record customers’ interactions with company agents and this gives the ability to identify frequent queries, challenges with their systems, and make important decisions based on the analyses gotten from such  data.

However, voice to text technologies and dictation software up to date, still present a gap that only humans can bridge. They do not have the ability to check grammar and punctuation on sentences, they may not be able to search locations and look up jargon, and lastly and most importantly, they will not detect customer behavior in terms of happiness, disappointment, anger, or frustration. For this reasons, even for bulk customer conversations, transcription will still have a relevant role in customer service.

For the more intricate issues, businesses have found it cost effective to have some of their customer conversations with company agents transcribed and recorded, if only to make important decisions and precedents for future issues of the same nature based on these.

It pays to pay attention to customers. A satisfied or unsatisfied customer can tell so much about a business and even dictate the direction that the business will take in future. Any investment made towards learning and satisfying customers is a worthwhile investment for improvement of systems and processes as well as for the going concern of the business.

Voice to text applications are as relevant today as they will be tomorrow, but a more hybrid approach towards customer service sums it up. At, we understand this perfectly well. We have the capacity deliver accurate and quality work at the agreed upon time. Your customer matters to you the same way you matter to us.

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