A Look at Global Transcription Services in the Perspective of Major Global Factors

Global and local are two terms that have often been used opposite of each other. Sometimes they have been used as helpers of each other in other words compliments. What is the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of global? Different cultures, languages or perhaps something that can be accessed by the whole world. When it comes to global transcription services, global might be taken to mean online presence because of the virtual nature of the business.


Localization or globalization of services greatly depends on a business’ strategy. Of course, there are two sides of each coin. However, any business that is considering going global, should consider some few factors that are likely to inform its direction and which can never really be overlooked. Again sometimes there is a thin line between the two. Global service providers target both loacal and global clients while localizing their services to suit their target clients.


  1. Language

Language can be a barrier or an opportunity. Ask translators and transcriptionists with the ability to transcribe different languages and they will tell you that this is the greatest opportunity that an online business can have. Transcribing lingo is an art best left to native or multilingual speakers. Even translation software cannot do half of what these transcribers do. These software help though.

  1. Culture

Different countries have different business cultures although business principles are always almost the same nowadays. Nevertheless, according your clients cultural sensitivity is the first step towards wining them over and retaining them. There is what rapport does to clients, that beats my comprehension. Truth is everyone appreciates special treatment.

  • Time difference

Time is a factor for any human or business under the sun. Any global transcription services provider who is aware of time difference has a way of making it work to their advantage. Today, online businesses are taking advantage of 24/7 customer support. This is something that customers have come to appreciate given time difference. Today, cabbagetreesolutions.com can comfortably attend to a customer in India, UK, USA or even the far end Trinidad and Tobago and meet a fast turnaround requirement.

A customer oriented global transcription services provider has the capacity to take care of high volume transcription projects in several languages without a compromise on accuracy and quality.  This involves taking care of nitty gritties like correct attribution of speakers, correct grammar and punctuation, research on abbreviations and technical terms as well as following verbatim or non-verbatim requirements.

It is interesting today that local clients are taking advantage of online services. The benefits that online services have to offer far outweigh the benefits offered by local service providers.

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