Select the Best Transcription Companies

Transcription is a necessity in this web based world for both record and analysis purpose. There are numerous transcription companies which offer their services for this, but not all the companies are equally good. It is important to select the best option for this so that the data transcribed is correct and faithful to the original audio or video. Features of the Leading Transcribing Company Panel of Experts: Good transcription companies have a panel of experts to take care of all kind of transcription. They have medical and legal experts […]


Characteristics of a Good Web Designer

Are you looking for expert of graphic design in New York? If yes then get help from internet and friends. If your friends and relatives are associated with this profession then you can ask them for help. However keep one thing in your mind that graphic designing is not a child play. A lot of experience and information is required to perform this task well. If you are novice then don’t try to do this task by yourself. You will waste your time and energy in this way. If you […]

Provision of Audio Transcription Services

Audio transcription services are getting very popular in terms of career. There are many jobs that are entitled in this job, that are related to transcribing.  It is a job where a person has to extract audio from video, mp3 audios; you tube videos, etc and give it a form of text. Here, an individual has to be an attentive listener because he has to write exactly the same as the speech. Earlier, there were only people assigned to do this job of transcribing but now-a-days the availability of voice […]

Medical Transcription Services: A Relief From Backlogs

Medical transcription services are preferred by the clients for getting the medical audios transcribed. Various service providers offer medical transcription services to the doctors, physicians and surgeons. Such service providers hire the experts who have excelled in medical field to transcribe the reports, audio of the medical contents into texts. A large number of patients are to be given the right kind of medication and for this physicians have to transcribe the medical audio so that they can give the effective medication to the patients. Medical transcription services provided by […]

Legal Transcription Services

At present, it has become a need of hour to meet the demand for transcription services. After medical transcription services, legal transcription services are progressively being outsourced. It is a fact that litigations have a very long procedure. Many legal documentation and other litigation support processes are required to reach the output. These days, according to new administrative laws, they now involve very advanced records to be transcribed and are presented at all the levels, be it state or local or federal. This has given a way to an augmented […]

What is Medical Transcription? Can I make a career as a transcriptionist?

Many people have asked this question, and those looking for a job, are still asking the same question. A fresh college graduate or even an undergraduate can make a career of becoming a transcriptionist. People who do not understand what Transcription really is and what a transcriptionist really does mostly ask this question. Transcription basically means converting an audio file of spoken words into written, typewritten, or printed format. A person who does the transcribing from audio to text format is called a transcriptionist. Audio Transcription Services include Medical Transcription […]

All About Legal Transcription Services

Legal Transcription is quite similar to Medical Transcription where audio files get translated and typed out. However, these Legal Transcription services assume special significance when cases are critically important in legal courts. In such cases, even one word spelt wrongly or a sentence typed differently can have significant consequence on the court proceedings.

5 Great Reasons to Become a Medical Transcriptionist

There are many reasons why someone would want to become a Medical Transcriptionist. It is an absolutely critical element of quality health care, as every time a patient is seen by his or her physician notes on that visit are placed in the patient’s medical records. Accurate transcription of the doctor’s dictation is vital in portraying the patient’s medical condition, especially if he or she should be referred to a different physician. Here are some great reasons to consider the transcription career field: 1. Medical transcription is a critical and […]


An individual who performs Medical Transcription is known as a Medical Transcriptionist or an MT. The equipment the MT uses is called a Medical Transcriber. The individual who performs medical transcription should always be called a “Medical Transcriptionist.” A Medical Transcriptionist is the person responsible for converting the patient’s medical records into typewritten format rather than handwritten, the latter more prone to misinterpretation by other healthcare providers. The term Transcriber describes the electronic equipment used in performing Medical Transcription, e.g., a cassette player with foot controls operated by the MT […]