The success of an organization lies in two things – Client & People. If we don’t have clients, we don’t get work and if we don’t have right people to do it then clients won’t give us work. CabbageTree Solutions ensures that we get the right people for the right jobs. We go global to hire the right people and ensure that they folks understand the client needs and wants and deliver to their satisfaction. We offer full time and part time working opportunities and even work from home options. Should you be interested in joining, please feel to write to us detailing your contact details and your skill sets.

Current Openings
– General Audio Transcribers
 Minimum 1 year experience in handling training, coaching, interview, related audios
 Should be able to deliver client ready work
 Turn around time (TAT) is 24hrs for 1 hr audio
 Opportunity exists globally and can work from home and part time as long TAT is being met